Why the Brazilian pension system must change

The uphill battle to transform Brazil’s unsustainable pension system will not be resolved overnight and, even if approved, will probably need to be revisited in years to come

Taking action to protect gig workers

As the number of gig workers continues to rise, their employment status remains a contested area

Solutions to help cure Africa’s ills

Old and new hospital room split image

Provision of cancer treatment in parts of the developing world ranges from patchy to non-existent, but there are rays of hope providing shining examples for others to follow

Escape velocity and company earnings

Escape velocity is the speed necessary to move away from a gravitational force without propulsion. In economic terms, this occurs when economies achieve at or above trend growth for successive quarters, without – or with less – government support. We believe that this is happening in the developed world, led by the United States, and perhaps the UK, and are positioning client portfolios to benefit, says Close Brothers Asset Management