Google Glass lessons: look past XR hype

The significant potential of reality technologies should not be lost in past hype and disappointment

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Tech sector lagging behind when it comes to diversity

Women on beanbags with laptops diversity in tech

Technology companies have a long way to go in achieving a diverse workforce as women and ethnic minorities often remain under-represented, particularly in senior positions

The future of search is voice

Ok Google on phone screen

Voice search allows businesses to communicate with customers on a deeper level than ever before, changing consumer behaviour and challenging marketers

Seeing a future for Google Glass 2.0?

Workers at agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO use Google Glass Enterprise Edition to view assembly instructions, make reports and get remote video support

Now targeted at manufacturing and other enterprise uses, will Google Glass succeed second time around?

AlphaGo takes AI to a new level

A Google programme has beaten a world champion of the Chinese board game Go, a major milestone in the development of artificial intelligence

2016 set to be year virtual reality takes off

Analysts are tipping 2016 as a breakthrough year for virtual reality with major product launches on the horizon

10 key sectors using virtual reality technologies

Virtual reality could be as big for businesses as e-mail. From city planning and luxury cruises to collaborative engineering and data presentations, here are 10 top areas being revolutionised by VR