Tech the key to weathering future storms

As the Beast from the East gave way to an Indian summer, food producers must push to safeguard processes from the ravages of climate change

The energy sector post-Paris

The Eiffel Tower lite up after Paris Agreement 2015

Energy supply is not only being stripped of carbon emissions, it is being digitised in a shake-up that isn’t over yet

How energy will play out in the future

Energy guru Ged Davis

Energy guru Ged Davis has made a career of peering into the future. What does he think the oil and gas industry will look like in 2060?

Climate change is making us ill

Climate Change is Making us ill

A warming world exacerbates many existing weather and climate-linked health problems, The Climate Group warns

Why carbon trading has slumped

It was heralded as a major weapon in an armoury to be deployed against global warming and climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, but carbon trading has stalled, writes Celestine Cheong

Tackling climate change

A clean revolution is underway, but must be sustained by the political will to check global warming, says Mark Kenber, chief executive of The Climate Group