Tech sector lagging behind when it comes to diversity

Technology companies have a long way to go in achieving a diverse workforce as women and ethnic minorities often remain under-represented, particularly in senior positions

Why the maritime industry needs more women

Despite greater awareness of the gender imbalance, advancement of women in shipping, particularly at sea, is slow

Financial services missing out by holding women back

While corporate America has been making incredible strides in efforts for gender representation and equality, there is still much to be done in this arena, specifically within the financial services industry

Breaking the mould of endemic abuse in media and entertainment

Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes

The media and entertainment industry currently faces its biggest shake-up and social awakening since the 1950s studio system ceased grooming stars

Challenging gender inequality in retail leadership

IKEA’s UK and Ireland country manager Gillian Drakeford says a top-down and bottom-up approach to changing attitudes is needed

Women shop more than men, but they haven’t yet smashed the glass ceiling when it comes to getting more top retail jobs

Glass ceiling keeps women from top jobs in law


Women are advancing in the legal profession, but sexist stereotypes may persist barring them from many of the top jobs

Challenging male-dominated culture at work

people walking on busy street

Men continue to dominate the top jobs, particularly in financial services, but women are striving for greater gender diversity

Why HPV vaccinations should be extended to school-age boys

An overwhelming majority of dentists and GPs are backing calls for vaccinations against the oral cancer-related human papilloma virus to be extended to school-age boys