Information and imagination: why technology isn’t killing creativity

Critics say that technology is compromising our ability to be creative but, if used correctly, it could have the opposite outcome entirely

Why esports is attracting global brands (and what it has to do to get more)

Dota 2 esport event

Industry revenues tipped to reach $1 billion by 2020 - but needs to broaden appeal to women

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Virtual Reality cycling

Virtual reality, for so long considered an expensive novelty, is on the cusp of a real breakthrough, as sports broadcasters pump money into immersive technology

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Play your way to a wealthier retirement

People using Occulus Rift

Virtual reality games are being adapted to encourage more people to engage with the real-life need to save for retirement, as Dan Barnes reports

Forecast is good with new cloud

Bespoke app development on the cloud is something new that forecasters predict has a bright future, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Insight, action and a business edge

Big data and analytics are far too important to be left to data scientists and quantitative analysts. Business leaders need to get involved too, writes Jessica Twentyman