Top qualities of future chief information officers

A new generation of chief information officers are transforming their organisations with exciting technologies emerging from the digital era

The future of cryptocurrencies is bright

Cryptocurrencies are criticised for their volatility, exposure to hacking and manipulation, and potential facilitation of money laundering

Five futuristic modes of transport transforming travel

elon musk hyperloop capsule high-speed transport black and white

Futuristic developments in the transport sector are transforming travel, improving journey times, passenger comfort and safety as well as safeguarding the environment

Office spaces should be more like hotels or cafés

Co-working space provider WeWork is seeing an ever-increasing demand for less structured workspaces

Savvy employers realise that creativity and productivity are linked to feeling “at home” in the workspace, and are commissioning relaxed offices where staff can socialise and collaborate

Transformation isn’t what it used to be

The nature of change is changing – so we need to take a fresh approach to business transformation within the bounds of company ethos and ethics, says Nick Ringrose, board member of the Management Consultancies Association

Death of the business plan?

Dan Matthews examines the proposition that it is time to drop the business plan and get “adaptive”

Strong leadership skills

Increasingly in the mainstream, what does the future hold for project management? John Osborne finds out

A certain journey into the unknown

Social media has come a long way in a short time. In just a few years it has become one of the dominant forms of communication across the industrialised world. But we are still at the very beginning of the growth curve, writes Dan Matthews