How to combat freelancer loneliness

A regular Raconteur contributor tells of her experience as a self-employed freelance journalist and asks experts how to regain the support and camaraderie lost by working alone

The rise of distributed working

distributed working environment

Individuals based at home or in remote offices, scattered anywhere in the world, are part of a rising phenomenon called distributed working

On-demand freelance workers are on the rise


Freelancing is growing and offers benefits for both the gig worker who gains autonomy and the company that needs specialist skills on a project-by-project basis

Freelancing an increasingly attractive option for UK workers

Could half of us really be self-employed contractors or freelancers by 2020? Whatever the figure, the trend is upwards

The pros and cons of in-house and outsourced research

research - in house team

Most outfits now realise the importance of good market research, but the question remains which is the best way to generate the best information?

‘Small’ guys get in on outsourcing action

Smaller businesses are increasingly outsourcing non-core or peripheral work, as Gabriella Griffith discovers