Is AI really key to preventing ecommerce fraud?

Ecommerce fraud

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help retailers rapidly identify and prevent ecommerce fraud, but human oversight is still essential

Using artificial intelligence to fight fraud

Artificial intelligence and machine-learning are fast becoming essential weapons in the war on fraud

How fraud is funding terrorism

In his evidence before the Treasury select committee of MPs, Donald Toon from the National Crime Agency, said: “It would be realistic to say that hundreds of billions are laundered through the UK annually”

How to tackle marketing fraud

Fraudulent marketing, ranging from fake news disseminated by robots, to fraudsters syphoning off advertising cash, is coming under increasing scrutiny

Stopping payment fraud without blocking real transactions

Card payment fraud

Businesses must tread a fine line to protect customer payments – stopping sophisticated fraudsters is crucial, but to avoid blocking real transactions requires a more co-ordinated effort

Sustainability drives innovation

An increasingly competitive and dynamic financial services landscape means organisations need to be able to innovate sustainably, without compromising security or financial control

Collaring the crooks

They are using technology to steal company money, but smart software in the right hands can catch the fraudsters out, writes Michael Dempsey

What happens in Vegas…

Fraud detection analytics can save businesses millions, yet many don’t seem to bother, warns ACL