Why doing good is great for business

Socially responsible franchising is a growing trend which can benefit business and the community

Watching the rise of the franchisors

Super-franchisors purchase multiple units and typically offer franchisees back-office support such as marketing and human resources

Investors see the attraction of building a portfolio of varied franchised brands, benefiting from shared expertise, economies of scale and a bigger bottom line

The cost of buying a franchise

Future of manufacturing illustration

Franchises provide a ready-made business model and support, but there are upfront costs, which can vary greatly

Micro-franchising: helping the world’s poor climb out of poverty

Living Goods franchisees provide essential health services, education and treatments to their neighbours in hard-to-reach areas

Who would have thought that franchises could hold the key to stimulating local economies?

Franchising to expand your business


If you are considering expanding your business, stop – you could have overlooked a method that could save you time and money

‘Our community is willing and able to share knowledge and experience for the benefit of franchising colleagues’

BY PIP WILKINS, chief executive of the British Franchise Association

A big part of what makes British Franchise Association (bfa) membership attractive to franchisors is that it is standards based

Top 10 largest franchises in the world

Franchising is often seen as one of the most risk-free ways to get a business up and running. With so many business models to choose from, which franchises are the most popular?

How to raise funds to start a franchise

So you’ve decided to set up a franchise business, but how do you raise the money to do it? Help is at hand