Roundtable: modern approaches to risk

CFO roundtable

Four business leaders discuss what it’s like to manage risk in a digital-first environment and how chief financial officers steer their way through an ever-changing role

Tech-savvy millennials easy prey for fraudsters

Digital Generation Identity Fraud

Growing up with digital tech has meant the millennial generation is more comfortable with sharing their data, but it has left them likely victims of financial fraud

How to rebuild trust in the role of the CFO

With the many new demands placed on chief financial officers, the need to engender trust among stakeholders remains paramount

What CFOs need to know about cyberscams

Digital money is at risk from hackers who breach businesses’ security and pull off a cyberheist through trickery and deceit

Time to take the lead on managing risk

In a fast-moving and competitive environment, businesses must be prepared to take far-reaching steps to identify and deal with risk

Dealing with the risk of cyber hackers

Hackers can bring chaos and even ruin to businesses and organisations often with impunity, but what can be done to counter the computer attacks?

Investing in the mid-market

Investors with giant sacks of cash are eagerly eyeing up growing businesses in the UK, as Dan Matthews reports

A data-driven approach

When companies consider analysing large volumes of business data as part of their overall risk management strategy, the concept can at first seem too daunting, says ACL’s director of global solutions consulting, Chris Stewart-Smith