How to choose a wealth manager

Pick a wealth manager

With the rise of digital investment solutions, knowing how to choose the right wealth manager for you can be a confusing and uncertain process

What you need to know about inheritance

Wealth for future generations

Protecting and preserving family wealth requires holistic tax planning, asset allocation and allowances

The rise of the DIY investor

DIY Investors

Self-directed investing, where investors create and manage their own portfolios via an online platform, continues to grow as individuals are able to better control their investments and save on costly advisory fees

Traditional wealth management challenged by robo-adviser boom

Woman standing outside UBS

Robo-advisers are lying in wait to pick off clients from traditional wealth management firms which must modernise or face an uncertain future in a data-driven world

Trade like a top economist

Retired chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Jim O’Neill (pictured) talks to Raymond Snoddy about his career and trading track record

Know your bank to trust your bank

During the last decade, most corporate treasurers have reversed direction from consolidation to duplication of their bank relationships as trust in banks collapsed due to the financial crisis. Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club, chief executive of Balatro and author of Digital Bank, asks is this a reversible trend or one that will continue?

Don’t do it all by yourself

Managing your own investment portfolio may be a false economy, as Tristan Blythe explains

The final ISA countdown

With around a month until the all-important ISA investment deadline, Joe McGrath investigates what the wealth management industry has to offer