How you can get the best out of adtech

director and crew looking at screen behind scenes of filming

Advertising agencies are under pressure to evolve to keep up with the exponential rise of adtech and marketing technologies

Interview: Provocateur, Mahmoud Sabbagh

Mahmoud Sabbagh

The director of Saudi Arabia’s first ever rom-com hopes for a cinematic and cultural revolution in his deeply conservative homeland

The future of virtual reality in entertainment

Virtual reality is adding an extra dimension to gaming and moving into interactive cinema as entertainment calls on new levels of technology

Why British films move world audiences

Defining what makes a film British is tricky, but from Bond to The King’s Speech to The Inbetweeners, ours is an industry that still punches above its weight worldwide

Soft power: how American culture rules the world

global America, Macdonalds, soft power

US international influence may be exerted through the shock and awe of its military might, but America also has a formidable arsenal of “soft power” expressed in culture, education, diplomacy and aid, writes Michael Goldfarb

TV takes a starring role from film

Hollywood’s glitter may have dimmed of late, but a new wave of American TV drama is shining light on living in the USA, as Jonathan Romney reports

British fascination with France

Britain and France are forever comparing one against the other, writes Agnès C. Poirier, who takes an Anglophile’s view of her native country

The art of French cinema

The French love affair with the silver screen has produced some memorable and thought-provoking movies, as Jonathan Romney reports