Is social media strengthening our biases?

Social media has transformed the nature of human interaction, but has simultaneously created homogeneous newsfeeds that reinforce our social and cultural biases

Facebook data row: will big tech shares slump?

Facebook shares fall

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook shares plummeted, and it remains to be seen whether other big tech companies will suffer likewise

Facing up to the misuse of personal data

Mark Zuckerberg in US court

Facebook’s fracas over misuse of its users’ data may signal a fundamental rethink of how customers’ personal information is treated online

Five ways to help ‘fix’ Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief who vowed to protect users from abuse, hate and political interference, gets some advice on how to fix the social network

March 2016: news highlights

From Chancellor George Osborne's welfare cuts to the election of Myanmar's first civilian president, we chart March's news highlights

Tweets, selfies and surgery trends

Taking a Selfie

Smartphones and social media have created a generation obsessed with capturing every moment on camera and sharing it with the world, but has the rise of the “selfie” impacted cosmetic surgery trends? Antonia Mariconda investigates

A cloudy start for business promises a bright future

A nebulous concept for some, the cloud is clearing away limitations for smaller businesses that need bigger computing power, as Charles Orton-Jones reports

Social networkers see small print

Who owns the right to monetise online content may yet prove costly for social-media businesses, as Steve Kuncewicz reports