Eye health cannot be ignored

National Eye Health Week is an opportunity for all of us to improve the nation's vision, especially as the population ages

Why aren’t we taking our eye health more seriously?

‘Investing money and resources in the nation’s eye care will bring about huge returns’

Sight loss a growing problem for ageing populations

Our ageing population is driving a rise in age-related macular degeneration, and there is a race against time to find new treatments

Regular eye tests: what’s stopping you?

Almost every high street has an optician, so why are so many people still not getting the eyecare they need?

How to choose and fit children’s glasses

'Children’s faces have different proportions to adult faces, but the specs all too often are simply scaled-down versions of adult designs'

Sight loss increasingly linked to obesity and poor diets

The UK's eye clinics are bulging with the strain of dealing with an ageing population and the rising tide of obesity

Debunking the most common eye myths

Many medical myths are often described as old wives' tales. But technological advances in the last 70 years have resulted in a myriad of "new wives' tales" - especially in the field of sight

Technological innovations open patients’ eyes

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, new technologies are revolutionising eyecare and transforming the lives of those suffering with sight loss