Short-sightedness now a global epidemic

More of us are experiencing short-sightedness or myopia, so to what extent are our modern lifestyles and hours spent staring at screens to blame?

Debunking the most common eye myths

Many medical myths are often described as old wives' tales. But technological advances in the last 70 years have resulted in a myriad of "new wives' tales" - especially in the field of sight

National Eye Health Week brings visibility to eyesight problems


From September 19 to 25, National Eye Health Week looks at the eye health challenges facing the UK and aims to help people see and feel better, writes David Cartwright, Chairman of National Eye Health Week

Cure for inherited blindness could be within reach


Research into eye disease is attracting healthy global investment and resulting in some promising treatments, notably using stem cells and gene therapy

It’s far more than just an eye test

A thorough eye test at regular intervals can not only check your eyesight, it can detect signs of serious illness including diabetes and high blood pressure

Protecting the UK’s eye health

Our eye health is deteriorating. Every day 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight and experts predict this figure will rise over the coming years, despite the fact that half of all sight loss is avoidable. So what can be done? David Cartwright, chairman of National Eye Health Week, explains how the campaign aims to help Britain see better

Q&A: The need for eye tests

Eye tests are not just about improving vision, but also a barometer for overall health. Yvonne Gordon asks optometrist Omar Hassan about maintaining eye health, and the role of eye tests in detecting and preventing disease

Focus on eyes in an ageing UK

Professor Roger Buckley, of Anglia Ruskin University’s department of vision and hearing sciences, assesses the UK’s eye health and warns that we need to take greater care of our sight