Exports make business stronger


As UK exports show worrying signs of a slowdown, the government is anxious for smaller businesses to venture overseas

Strengthening UK’s business backbone

John Cridland

The UK’s medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy: despite making up less than 2 per cent of all companies, they generate almost a quarter of private-sector GDP and employ one in every six people

Global Exporting Opportunities

With the eurozone an uncertain market, capitalising on global export opportunities, particularly in America and China, is more important than ever

Learn, adapt or steal a strategy

Learn, adapt or steal a strategy for growth

Effective business strategy can trigger explosive growth and need not always be complex

Why should you go global?

Businesses that boost exports and open offices abroad grow faster than those who stay at home, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Greatness of Britain

The label “Made in Britain” commands respect and a premium price, as Dan Matthews discovers in search of an answer to why Brand Britain succeeds

Eurozone gloom casts shadow on UK recovery

Britain is not immune from the economic problems which continue to plague the eurozone and some of the UK’s major trading partners, writes Kathryn Hopkins

How to get started abroad

Breaking into an overseas market can be challenging, but there are varied strategies to establish a foothold, as Rodrigo Amaral reports