Finding the will and the way to export

Government export targets may be difficult to hit, but there are optimistic signs of emerging businesses boosting UK trade abroad

7 tactics to get exporters up and running

Knowing how best to enter an export market is tricky, but there are seven core tactics which exporters can use to launch a business overseas

Meeting demand to buy UK exports abroad

The government is calling on businesses to back its export drive and put the UK at the forefront of global trade, says Lord Maude, Minister for Trade and Investment

Developing a local strategy for success

Understanding local culture is essential to adapt products and services for sale in markets abroad.

New technologies for exporters

Companies wanting to export are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology which can ease the journey into overseas markets

Help to fuel the export drive

UK Export Finance is a government department providing vital and timely support for exports. Complementing the role of commercial banks or private sector credit insurers, we make exports happen for businesses of all sizes, says David Godfrey, UK Export Finance chief executive

The secret to winning in Saudi Arabia

Stuart D’Souza, chief executive of Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI) Saudi, tells UK businesses how to crack the Saudi market

Manifesto pledges to help smaller businesses

Manifesto pledges to help smaller businesses

The major political parties are out to get votes and in return are promising to boost funding for small and medium-sized businesses