Whisky business: optimism amid uncertainty

Whisky business

One of the UK’s most important exports, whisky now finds itself under threat from Brexit wranglings and American trade uncertainty

How technology is creating the digital ports of the future

Technology is revolutionising ports, introducing remote-control cranes, self-driving trucks and other innovative systems to speed up loading and unloading of vessels

What does Brexit mean for Humber?

The humber estuary pre Brexit

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A worker with Meyer Weft on their overalls watches a cruise liner

Achtung! Teach yourself the German terms that explains the success of Mittelstand

Interview: Stephen Daintith, CFO, Rolls-Royce

A very modern finance chief, punk rock fan Stephen Daintith is the new arrival at Rolls-Royce

Exporting French lifestyle and know-how

French exports span a wide range of goods and services, from aerospace and luxury, telecoms and cars to biros, razors and disposable lighters, bringing in multi-billions to the national economy

Business routes are opening up export markets

Affordable international airline routes can be the lifeblood of UK regional businesses eager to export and forge overseas links in their supply chain

Why are you waiting to sell abroad?

The UK is bursting with wonderful stories of owner-managed companies selling around the world, proving there really are no obstacles to exporting