Top 5 challenges facing procurement

From sustainability to social media, Nick Martindale counts down the top challenges currently influencing procurement

Austerity is changing our values and priorities

Tightened household budgets has prompted a rethink among consumers, and altered the way they react to retailers and brands, as Jane Simms discovers

HIV programmes pay for themselves and save cash

Combating the spread of HIV among workers is not only right on moral grounds, but also makes good business sense, as Rod Newing reports

Sustainable business for long-term success and increased profit

As more than 750 chairmen, chief executives and directors from some of the world's leading businesses meet in London this week, Mark Hastings, director general of the Institute for Family Business, outlines prospects for growth

Profit for a purpose and not greed

Many “next gens” are thinking beyond the bottom line and want to ensure that their businesses make the world a better place, as well as making money, writes Jeremy Hazlehurst

Long-term commitment is good for business when times are hard

Despite the economic crisis, family businesses are staying true to their principles and doing well, as Clare Gascoigne discovers

Emotional involvement is empowering

Female philanthropy is an emerging trend which is gathering pace as more women of worth give their time, energy and commitment – as well as hard cash – to those in need, writes Peter Archer

Consumers are defining brands

In a fast-changing world, where social media is influencing consumer demand, brands are adapting to new market conditions, as Jason Hesse reports