How to make packaging more accessible

Designing packaging that is easier to read, open and use for blind and disabled people ultimately improves everyone’s user experience

Calling time on sexist stereotypes in advertising

New rules banning sexist depictions of women cleaning and men struggling to change nappies will force advertising to be more creative, instead of relying on harmful, outdated stereotypes

How promoting women will close the gender pay gap

John Lewis store

Increased investment in gender equality is vital if the world is to achieve sustained economic growth and development

How fintech is increasing financial inclusion

M-Pesa, Vodafone’s mobile money service, has been hugely popular in countries such as Kenya, but hasn’t taken off in South Africa where there is a much deeper banking infrastructure

Fintech startups armed with apps are aiming to increase global access to finance for poorer communities in even the remotest locations

Where is the best place to be a woman?

Woman looking out across mountains and valley

Map revealing the best and worst countries for gender equality

Fighting for diversity within beauty

British model Leomie Anderson has voiced her frustration at make-up artists being ill-equipped to work with darker- skin models

Women have succeeded in reaching the top of the beauty industry, but broader diversity issues, including cosmetics and sexuality, have yet to be fully addressed