How impact investing can tackle the plastic crisis

impact investing scheme woman at eco-friendly stove

Profit-for-purpose organisation ClimateCare is creating mini economies that deliver social and environmental benefits in hard-to-reach areas

Ocean plastic is just the beginning

As oceans drown in plastic and the developed world launches a clean-up campaign, the tide of pollution is still rising

Green IT can champion cuts in carbon emissions

man in server room

Improving systems’ efficiency and using renewable energy in IT are just two ways of cutting carbon emissions

Reducing corporate carbon footprint

bird's eye view shot of many aeroplanes parked in rows on airfield

Business travellers, airlines and hotels are among those striving to cut corporate carbon emissions

Paris Agreement: lawyers tackle European environmental law infringements

James Thornton from public interest law firm ClientEarth, which is currently suing the UK government over illegal levels of air pollution

Governments and companies that pollute the planet are being challenged by a growing band of campaigning environmental lawyers

Look what’s in store for sustainable retail

Raymond Snoddy talks to the Marks & Spencer executive who is making sustainability pay dividends for the high street retailer

Cleaning the cloud

Rapid growth of cloud technology has been accompanied by vast energy demands and concerns about its associated environmental impact, as Flemmich Webb reports

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions

The importance of analysing and managing the carbon footprint of a business can be measured in cost-savings as well as limiting environmental damage, writes Louise Bateman