Eyewear that doesn’t cost the Earth

Sustainable bamboo, castor oil seeds and “liquid wood” are just some of the materials inspiring a new generation of eco-friendly eyewear, as Nicky Collinson discovers

Low carbon is future of business

Concerns about rising greenhouse gas emissions, population growth, extreme weather and resource scarcity are combining to transform corporate and investor understanding of the need for sustainable low-carbon business, writes Felicia Jackson

Business embraces climate risks

Climate change, mandatory reporting and investor scrutiny create new challenges for companies, as Mike Scott reports

Cutting carbon boosts bottom line

With the economy in the grip of a double-dip recession, businesses are reducing costs and looking closely at discretionary spending. So, in such times, does a low-carbon strategy make sense? Flemmich Webb reports

It’s smart to use energy efficiently

From mining to agriculture, every business emits carbon. However, the optimisation of energy use can save energy and cut costs, writes Celestine Cheong

Carbon is new investment metric

Felicia Jackson examines the impact carbon reporting and Government targets for reducing CO2 emissions will have on investment strategy

What goes around comes around

Environmental regulations and growing awareness among customers of green issues have presented not only fresh challenges, but also new opportunities for companies ready to seize them, writes Simon Brooke

Action on growth and climate change

It may seem paradoxical, but cities are both the source of the problems facing society and the solution to these problems, says Mercedes Bresso, president of the European Union’s Committee of the Regions