Honduras: Free speech in murder city

A Honduran peasant demonstrates outside the Public Ministry against the fatal shooting of a rural leader

2016 saw Honduras catapulted into the headlines after indigenous and land rights activist Berta Cáceres was killed in her home by unknown assassins; hers was just one of many cases of brutality and oppression

The story of palm oil

Shedding light on the palm oil industry, and how it is destroying a globally vital tropical ecosystem

The palm oil problem

Forests in Indonesia

Can a belated consumer backlash stop the palm oil industry from destroying a globally vital tropical ecosystem?

Formula E is a new series with established values

Mark Princevalle, co-founder and chief strategic officer of Trident Communications, explains how environment, entertainment and energy are the values driving Formula E

Being energy conscious needn’t cost the earth

Going green makes good business sense, says Robin Hale, director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)

Time for a fracking charm offensive?

It has split public opinion and tempers are still rising. Fracking for shale gas is a contentious issue, but supporters claim it holds huge potential benefits for the UK economy, as Jim McClelland reports

Environmental change in oil and gas

The oil and gas sector is experiencing rapid change as a “perfect storm” is reshaping the landscape, and indeed seascape, for the coming decades

Supporting the ‘circular economy’

The infinite remanufacturing of everything taken from the ground or created is but one notion of the “circular economy”, says CIMdata’s Peter A. Bilello