Who’s in charge of agile transformation?

Enterprise agility requires a solid strategy and strong leadership, and collaboration among a company’s decision-makers is vital. But who plays the captain’s role?

Can agile principles help business cope with Brexit?

Agile values and principles could help businesses fend-off the worst the world has to throw at them. With the mother of all unknowns looming large, how can agility help companies adapt?

Patchy progress despite some local hot spots

With some notable exceptions, growth in Britain has been fastest in London and south-east England, as James Dean discovers

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Open source shatters established policies that favour proprietary software packages. Now support and security concerns have been allayed, enterprises are not only finding cost-saving benefits, but also discovering fresh sources of innovation, as Adrian Bridgwater reports

Fresh ideas for new technologies

Collaboration is the secret of open source’s ongoing success because the pooling of seasoned experts’ skills and the free-thinking of newcomers creates exciting possibilities, as Richard Hillesley reports

At the heart of open government’s digital future

Liam Maxwell, deputy government chief information officer and Cabinet Office executive director of IT Reform, says the future is based on open standards and open source

‘Don’t risk being left behind’

Adoption of open source software has been the key to success for many of today’s top-performing companies. For those without a transitioning strategy, it is time to adopt or die, warns Professor Jim Norton

Securing data and freeing enterprise

Total mobile security cannot be guaranteed, but with the right attitudes from organisations and individuals, the bar can be raised and rich opportunities embraced, as Rob Bamforth explains