What does the future factory look like?

Factory smoke below blue sky

Modern factories, introducing new technologies, are blazing a trail for the manufacturing environment of the future where workers collaborate with intelligent machines

What skills do the engineers of the future need?

In the grip of a choking skills shortage, the engineering sector faces tough questions of how best to attract new recruits and equip them for lifelong employment

Why the industry needs more women in engineering

Engineering is missing out because of latent prejudice and unconscious bias preventing women from entering the profession

Why the maritime industry needs more women

Despite greater awareness of the gender imbalance, advancement of women in shipping, particularly at sea, is slow

How digital mapping is uncovering the hidden past

Digital mapping illustration

Satellite imaging, drones and LiDAR become an essential part of the archaeologist’s toolkit

How to attract top talent to engineering

Attracting talent to engineering illustration

Manufacturing has suffered an image problem which has resulted in a shortage of engineers needed to take UK industry forward, but things might now be changing

The team effort behind Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

Star project manager Paul Mitchell at engineering consultants Arcadis tells how he netted success building Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

‘Miracle’ cure for business ills

Affordable technologies developed to monitor machines and track goods have opened up the so-called internet of things to small as well as big businesses