Maintain engagement when exporting company culture

international company culture engagement

Bringing together a global workforce to gel with company culture will result in greater employee engagement and staff retention

How work friendships could be the secret to productivity

work friendships - characters from Suits

Having a best friend at work can make you feel happy, and therefore more engaged and productive

Neuroscience offers insights into employee engagement

Experts in neuroscience and psychology are combining to improve understanding of employee behaviour in a bid to boost engagement

Top employers are helping with city housing

Shortages of affordable housing have left employers worried about recruiting and retaining top talent, so now some are taking action

Pop-up events: Making business fun

Pop-up events Making business fun

Pop-up shops and restaurants have proved a great way to improve brand engagement – now pop-ups are expanding into corporate events

Hidden majority not to be ignored

Businesses can best accommodate disability in its varying forms by making room for difference and enabling people, like those featured here, to join the workforce, writes Tim Smedley

Engaging delegates for interactive experience

We live in a society where we’re encouraged to interact rather than passively sit back and watch. Mike Fletcher discovers how conference formats have changed accordingly

Damage limitation is a matter of proper structure

Global businesses face risks from all sides, but how can risk integration in corporate structures affect organisational behaviour for the better? Alex Cardno investigates