Oil and gas consumption still rising despite environmental pressures

Oil rig

Demand and supply of oil and gas are set to change, but it is likely consumption will continue to rise for some time, despite environmental pressures

Uncertainty over UK energy mix

The focus on ensuring a secure and stable energy supply presents challenges while there is uncertainty over the future direction of UK government policy

Minding the energy gap

The UK is heading for an energy crisis, with power stations closing down at a faster rate than a replacement energy mix is coming on stream. And as planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore points out, many of the factors that are widening the energy gap are also deterring the very people who could help close it, renewable energy developers and investors

UK energy mix: time for a firm hand on tiller

Government has control over the future UK electricity mix, but the choice is limited and being clear would reduce costs and create more British jobs, argues Matthew Knight, strategy director at Siemens Energy, UK

A new mix to keep lights on

Lampost on Westminster bridge

Tomorrow’s energy market will be the polar opposite of our historical centralised distribution, but we must plan for the future with a clear vision of how innovation and system integration will transform the UK’s energy mix, writes Felicia Jackson

Oil and Gas Forecast

Future exploration and production of oil and gas depend on sustainable prices in the global energy market, as Felicia Jackson reports

Environmental change in oil and gas

The oil and gas sector is experiencing rapid change as a “perfect storm” is reshaping the landscape, and indeed seascape, for the coming decades

Big guns signal start of new development phase

Commercial power from the oceans remains some years away, but some of the world’s biggest companies are backing the sector, writes Mike Scott