Boosting employee productivity

Top performaning talent provides productivity advantages

Leading from the top can boost the UK talent pool and laggard productivity

Social employee recognition: heart of talent management strategy

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Social employee recognition is now becoming a critical part of an organisation’s talent management strategy. It can impact every employee, every day and revolve around all your talent management initiatives

Team spirit breeds star players

Getting the best from staff requires skilful management, backed by training and support, as Chris Johnston discovers

Re-align business and boost profits

Despite what carefully constructed adverts in airports and business magazines may claim, business transformation is not a silver bullet designed to save money and earn an executive promotion. But what is it and how do you do it successfully? Tim Stafford explains

Freedom to work

Unifying communications to allow staff flexible working is a no-brainer, says Virgin Media Business

Strategic aim of global mobility

Mobilising the workforce and ensuring staff deployed overseas can operate efficiently has never been more important in an increasingly competitive global market, as Joshi Herrmann reports

Success with enterprise mobility

Bespoke mobile apps are transforming the way business is done, says Mark Mason, chief executive and founder of enterprise mobility firm Mubaloo