Employers are waking up to financial wellbeing

User using Neyber app on a smart phone

1 in 4 UK employees have money worries which negatively affect their work performance

Presenteeism and the hidden costs of staff who are glued to their seats

Man in office late at night, head in hands

Smart thinking required to stop staff from working while sick or lingering at the end of the day

Employers that help staff prepare for retirement can avoid low productivity

Two groups of employees sitting down

Ensuring staff save enough for retirement can engage employees and avoid low productivity among those who cannot afford to give up work

Should social media be allowed at work?

Retail professional on their phone at work

People cannot work productively without taking breaks, but should social media be allowed as a potential distraction?

Imaginative office design attracting top talent

Good office design can attract and retain the best talent, creating an environment which helps boost creativity as well as productivity

Top 5 ways to improve company culture

Company culture is a cornerstone of business success as staff sign up to an agreed way of working, improving employee wellbeing and the bottom line, but change must be carefully managed

‘Listening boss’ can motivate and win loyalty

Energising and engaging key staff is more important than ever as incomes begin to rise, and employers need to give something extra to retain high-flyers

Tech to tell you if staff are happy

Clever use of technology can monitor staff morale and improve their performance