Forecasting a bright future for emerging market forex

Foreign exchange rates

The outlook for emerging market foreign exchange trading remains attractive, despite global geopolitical uncertainty and a hawkish US Federal Reserve

Foreign firms learn lessons of Africa’s growth

Mall of Africa in Johannesburg

Africa rising has attracted many exporters into the continent with a growing middle class, but there are cautionary tales to be told

Nearshoring: Europe is the new services hub

Companies in the UK are increasingly bringing their outsourced processes nearer home as Europe rises as a service hub

Exports make business stronger


As UK exports show worrying signs of a slowdown, the government is anxious for smaller businesses to venture overseas

Power behind F1’s winning global drive

Power behind F1’s winning global drive

Such is the popularity of Formula 1 around the world, national governments pay to stage a prestigious grand prix

How the super-rich spend

Where the world's millionaires reside

Where are UHNWIs located globally, what goods are they buying and from which brands? Will Grahame-Clarke provides a window into the life of luxury shopping

Into Africa with growing demand

The “Africa rising” narrative has been replaced by a more complex picture, as African economies experience growing pains and social unrest, but there are still huge opportunities for companies willing to take risks. Pete Guest reports

MINT nations face urgent challenges

Professor Anil K. Gupta, of the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, and Haiyan Wang, managing partner of the China India Institute in Washington, assess prospects of the so-called MINT nations