Electric vehicles are the future - but is the UK ready?

Electrifying the UK’s transport network holds the key to major benefits, though significant investment in infrastructure is still needed at a time of national austerity

Financing sustainable energy for developing economies

Impact investing is a major opportunity for developing economies and provides basic services to the poorest people

New storage technologies for energy on demand

Just as the variable output of renewables is becoming an issue of grid management, a raft of technologies has emerged to support their expansion through energy storage

Uncertainty over UK energy mix

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As a fossil fuel, coal pollutes the atmosphere, but what are the prospects in a cleaner age for this source of energy which has been a mainstay of electricity supply for so long?

Fuel cells fit for the future and ready now

Change is the only constant. The global power market is in a state of flux, with competition running high, as oil prices sink low and the shift towards distributed generation shakes up traditional models of centralised supply

Smart grids need smart rules and smart markets

The technological possibilities of new electricity infrastructure are vast, but their potential will only be realised if the right regulations are in place to encourage a pan-European energy market, writes Sarah Murray

On threshold of greatness despite financial crash

Wind and marine energy continues to set new milestones, but investors and business leaders want clear support from government, writes Mike Scott