The role of the board in taming the CEO

Elon Musk’s social media spat with the law plays out like a Shakespearean drama, but there’s more at stake than the rant of a corporate prince

Autonomous cars mean a new mindset for motoring

With car-sharing gaining traction, carmakers are moving towards a different business model, while also developing a brand of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future - but is the UK ready?

Electrifying the UK’s transport network holds the key to major benefits, though significant investment in infrastructure is still needed at a time of national austerity

Electric vehicles power ahead, despite the bumps in the road

Electric car power station illustration

Electric cars have no exhaust fumes – but they still have very real costs to the environment. Moreover, perhaps the greatest challenge to accelerating electric vehicle adoption is the limited availability of public chargers

Infrastructure must lead the charge in building electric car network

Electric car charging point

They are the future, but there is still a long way to travel in providing a nationwide infrastructure of charging points for electric vehicles

5 Formula E drivers on track for glory

Formula E has attracted a high calibre of world-class international racing drivers, who are a mix from Formula 1 to Le Mans. Here are five rising stars…

The Formula E car broken down

The chassis and battery are standard, but for season two Formula E has opened up development of the car’s other components to the teams’ engineers

Electric cars moving from slipstream to mainstream

Driven by environmental and health concerns over harmful exhaust emissions, electric vehicles are beginning to sell in larger numbers, benefitting in part from Formula E technological development