Outsourcing is no longer a dirty word

Outsourcing was once synonymous with cost-cutting and job losses, but has now come of age as a valued service

Re-usable efficiency: the innovation dividend

The public sector is under unprecedented pressure to deliver yet more savings. But more efficient use of data and technology means this can be achieved without having to compromise on services

The changing role of the CFO

Tom Sweet

Dell’s chief financial officer Tom Sweet tells Raymond Snoddy how his role in the multinational computer company is evolving under private ownership

Making every square inch count

Game plan to make every square inch count

Slick marketing and clever branding may help sell tickets, but if an airline’s cabins aren’t configured efficiently, it can all be for naught

Joined-up government

Creation of a shared information and communications technology network for public bodies has been a dream for some time as politicians continue to urge greater efficiency in public services, writes Dan Jellinek

Big data tells fortunes

Forget guesstimates, analytics software can crunch big data to improve supply chain efficiency, as Lindsay Clark reports

Technology can arrest NHS decline

The trauma of radical reform will take time to address, but the future wellbeing of the National Health Service depends on further responding to demographic challenges, writes Martin Barrow

On call and online, but is the NHS really on target?

Doctors are finding innovative ways of treating patients with technology that saves time, money and lives, writes Victoria Lambert