What could “infonomics” do for your business?

Focused on valuing data as a balance-sheet asset, "infonomics" is a nascent concept, but it could revolutionise how boards view and treat their corporate intelligence

Understanding the psychology of abstract money

How will our relationships and attitudes to finance, wealth and value change as perceptions of money evolve in the decades to come?

Terrorist carnage also wrecks economies

Brussels attack

Beyond the terrible human price paid by victims, terrorist attacks wreak havoc with local and global trade

‘Companies are limited, not liberated, by finance’

CFO Special Report cover illustration

Businesses in the UK tend to be risk averse, resulting in a lack of investment which is hampering economic growth

Japan reboots ‘Abenomics’

The Japanese prime minister’s ‘three arrows’ of economic stimulus and reform face a major test, as the government prepares a £205 billion stimulus

MINT nations face urgent challenges

Professor Anil K. Gupta, of the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, and Haiyan Wang, managing partner of the China India Institute in Washington, assess prospects of the so-called MINT nations

Trade like a top economist

Retired chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Jim O’Neill (pictured) talks to Raymond Snoddy about his career and trading track record

Unstoppable march of data science

Big data is revolutionising the way companies do business and looks set to open up further opportunities for growth, as Joshi Herrmann reports