Practical steps for building a global ecommerce presence

Start building your global ecommerce operation now - just one of the pieces of practical advice yielded by Raconteur's webinar "Going global: the ecommerce era"

Social media: the next frontier in customer service

Social apps: the next frontier in customer service

Convenience is key in the digital age

In the age of the smartphone, convenience has taken on a whole new meaning

Why ‘direct to consumer’ brands are dominating in retail

Shopping on smartphone on Amazon

The growing trend of selling direct to the consumer has major implications for marketers and customers alike

E-tailers must wrap up a better package

Amazon use of packaging

The exponential growth in e-commerce has seen an unsustainable increase in wasteful packaging, posing an immediate problem

Launching businesses in the platform economy

From music to the news, taxis to merchandise and accommodation to food deliveries, platforms are at the apex of the economy

Ethical commerce is in demand and on the rise

Illustration of ethical commerce

Business should be ethical to do the right thing and not just because it may make money

Simple website UX is more likely to get shoppers’ clicks

Monitor showing website design

In an age of increasing mobile retail, less can be more when designing an effective website suitable for a smartphone screen