Five innovations improving lives of people with diabetes

Breakthroughs in diabetes care are eliminating much of the pain and anguish of living with the disease, and reducing the risk of life-threatening complications

Finding a type 1 diabetes cure: How tech could help

Karen Addington on Type 1 diabetes cure

There have been more advances in the field of medical devices and technology to help people with their type 1 diabetes treatments in the last five years than in the previous fifty

Combining tech with the human touch to help patients

With online consultations on the increase, many patients are opting for the human touch to complement technology

How new tech can keep your heart healthy

As the incidence of heart disease continues to climb with an ageing population, digital technology is transforming every aspect of prevention, diagnosis and management

Making recovery a fun-to-play ‘game’

Making recovery a fun-to-play 'game'

Mental stimulation and physical movement involved in computer gaming could be a game-changer for recovering stroke patients

Log on to smarter healthcare

Log on to smarter healthcare

Rehabilitation technology is helping to cut costs and increase efficiency in a struggling healthcare sector

Stroke patients get movie tech

Scientists have discovered that the brain can “rewire” itself after stroke damage and are devising fun forms of rehabilitation, as Murad Ahmed reports

Tablets, not just pills, aid recovery

Smartphones, tablets and games consoles are being used to harness technology for stroke recovery at home, writes Murad Ahmed