What are biosimilars and what can they do?

Manufactured when an original biologic drug’s patent expires, biosimilars can increase access to treatment options and improve patient outcomes

How pharmacies can tackle fake medicines

Regulation targeting fake medicines could speed up the adoption of technology in pharmacies

Generic drugs: what are they and are they better value?

Benefits of prescribing by brand, enabling the costly development of life-changing drugs, may be outweighed by higher costs, compared with cheaper generic bio-equivalents

How Amazon is shaking up how you get prescriptions

Online pharmacies, using pouch packaging technology, are disrupting the way medicines are dispensed

Rare diseases require radical new funding methods

Devising funding strategies to develop drugs for the treatment of rare diseases remains a challenge as patient groups are often too small

Repurposing drugs with anti-cancer side effects

Although there have been many dramatic breakthroughs in chemotherapy, often guided by genomics, in immunotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, there are still many cancer patients who progress in spite of these advances

Cannabis oil: the cancer sufferers breaking bad

Many cancer sufferers believe that cannabis oil is effective in reducing their suffering, and can even improve the results of chemotherapy. Legal barriers to researching the medical uses of cannabis mean that proof could be decades away, leaving patients to turn to DIY solutions and a suburban black market

HIV ignorance is still cutting lives short

Today is World Aids Day, a reminder that HIV has not gone away and there is still a vital need to raise awareness, fight prejudice and improve education