Your chest feels heavy, throat feels tight and left arm aches…

Cardiologist Andrew Deaner describes the symptoms of a heart attack and how timely medical intervention saves lives

Searching for the best way to prolong life

New treatments and technologies are being developed to treat cardiovascular disease, but the debate is still raging over which is best and the most cost-effective, as Rhiannon Smith reports

Fast response saves lives and prevents disability

They can devastate lives, but treated urgently and with essential clot-busting drugs, the effects of a stroke can be minimised, writes Christian Duffin

UK survival rates lag behind the rest of Europe

Treatment of heart failure, which is placing the NHS under severe strain, can be a postcode lottery, as Liz Bestic reports

Giant leap towards a healthy heart

You don’t have to be an Olympian to take the simple steps needed to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, says Chris Tomlinson, London 2012 Team GB long jumper and British record holder

Disease devastates the elderly

Age-related macular degeneration, which destroys the central focus of vision, devastates sufferers’ lives and, as Lilian Anekwe reports, is best detected early

Shading eyes is essential especially when young

UV light is harmful to the eyes which should be protected from bright sunlight, writes Maria Anguita, who has special advice on children’s eyecare

‘Smoking linked to sight loss’

Smokers are more likely to develop a serious eye disease and put others at risk through passive smoking, writes Yvonne Gordon