Marketing automation tools are effective but not the whole solution

It promises the sweet spot of improved efficiency and effectiveness, but unlocking the value of marketing automation means changing more than just your systems

The future of sales is marketing

is marketing the future of sales?

Marketing looks set to continue investment in technology and systems while sales is likely to focus on the human aspects of customer relationships

Social media has put consumers in the driving seat

Hugh Peterswald/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Social media has largely stolen control from brands and given it to savvy consumers spreading their message on Twitter and Facebook

CMOs now have to juggle many roles

In today’s fragmented world, the evolving role of the chief marketing officer is all about being brave

Programmatic: Does the future CMO need a future media agency?

Large advertising agencies with their legacy systems and processes are scrambling to deliver effective programmatic advertising for their clients, but do those clients need an agency that was built specifically for this rapidly evolving buying system? asks Andy Cocker, chief operating officer of Infectious Media

Location, location, location…

How a 1990s gaming phenomenon is pushing location intelligence to the top of a marketer’s agenda

Multiple devices, multiple opportunities

Marketers know that reaching consumers across the increasing number of devices they use is key to engaging with them and driving transactions, but it’s also been difficult to do. Now one company appears to have cracked the problem

Big data Q&A: How can marketers get the best return on investment?

Big data has caught the imagination of marketers and is revolutionising their strategies. But how can they ensure it brings about a measurable return on investment? Tim Frankcom, executive vice president at Criteo, the performance marketing technology company, offers some essential advice and insights