Hits and misses of retail marketing

Technology used for retail marketing

Physicist Niels Bohr said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” Retail is dogged with false dawns and dodgy concepts. Here are three of the most notorious turkeys, plus three promising ideas which are proving that sometimes it’s the sceptics who are wrong

How to harness the power of social media in 2017

YouTube cats

Senior executives must familiarise themselves with social media, where news travels fast, and learn how to harness its power – here’s how…

Keep innovating or get left behind

In today’s digital world where the only constant is change itself, businesses that stand still risk being left behind in the slow lane

Digital access is a right and not a privilege

The UK is in danger of witnessing a digital underclass where disadvantaged people fail to benefit from the internet

Build loyalty and increase sales through personalisation

Analysing big data to tailor bespoke offers to customers is a win win

Analysing big data to tailor bespoke offers to customers is a win-win for consumers who enjoy a personalised service and businesses that increase their sales

Video; It’s value, not volume that counts

It is a fast-growing and powerful storytelling tool, but understanding the true business impact of video means looking beyond views alone

Behavioural marketing: The people-based approach

People based approach illustration

Few businesses have a clear idea of each web visitor’s intention or historical behaviour. Such factors are essential in effectively converting them into customers, says Ryan Urban, chief executive at BounceX

Marketers cannot afford to ignore big data

big data

By better informing marketers, data analytics helps target campaigns and prospects, resulting in bigger profits