Five tech solutions to global problems

Technology is helping to address deep social issues worldwide, benefiting some of the most vulnerable in society

Why insurance companies are embracing blockchain

Aerial view boats

Marine and other insurance policies have a new virtual figurehead to help chart a course through mainly unexplored waters of doing business in an increasingly digital economy

How organised is organised cybercrime?

cybercriminal illustration

Make no mistake, cybercrime is big business and run like an industry with levels of deceit shielding the masterminds from capture

Could cryptocurrency come into the mainstream?

Bitcoins accepted sign

Governments are beginning to bring cryptocurrency in from the cold as its value is recognised particularly in the online economy

Design security in and keep the hackers out

Man sitting in front of computer

In an increasingly connected digital world, the opportunities for cyber crime are multiplying making security a central issue

Digitally transforming a whole economy

Men in India with their smart phones

The potential of a digital economy in India, the planet’s second most populous nation, is enormous with benefits for business and citizens alike

Digital is fuelling the UK economy

Digital technology is now central to UK business, but investment in superfast broadband is in danger of lagging behind global competitors

Understanding big data and the cloud

Smart technology is now extracting greater meaning from more connected information sources with the potential of benefiting society and the bottom line