Digital disruption: Media giants fight for content

David Haye boxing

Media and technology heavyweights are slugging it out in a fight for content which could see the biggest hitters win

The digital evolution of outsourcing

Old call centre adverts

The term “outsourcing” may have outgrown itself, such is the rate of innovation within an agile industry

The new wave of digital-savvy retail chiefs

Retail bosses must be tech savvy, willing to delegate to digital experts and empower others in their organisation, while keeping a tight hold on strategy

Banking: digital transformation is revolutionising customer experience

Over the past decade, the transformation in how we bank has been astonishing – and the revolution goes on

Challenges in store for big-box retailers

BHS store closing down storefront view

Some established brands must move quickly to keep up with more agile newcomers or face a closing-down sale

Interview: messaging apps take on work email

Julien Codorniou

Vice president of Workplace by Facebook, Julien Codorniou, tells how communicating at work is changing

The business benefits of AI

Brains within light bulb illustration

Graduating from gimmicks on TV game shows and playing board games, artificial intelligence engines are now looking for jobs in business

Bridging generational divides at work

Generational divides at work

Managing up to five generations within one company can be a challenge, but it is becoming more commonplace as people work on after 65