The new digital business heroes

The digital transformation of business is happening at a phenomenal pace and company executives must be prepared to seize the opportunities this change brings or risk being left behind. The good news is technology consultancy Devoteam can help make that digital transformation happen

Data power can drive your organisation

Embedding a data culture and reassuring staff they are not about to be replaced by a machine are prerequisites of creating a data-driven organisation

Solving business data overload

An ever-strengthening desire for more data is leaving some businesses with a confused outlook so integrating information is vital to solve the problem

Can you thrive in a data economy

Adopting a “digital-first” approach to building, improving, linking and managing your business capabilities is key, says analyst and advisory firm MWD Advisors

UK’s position in the digital economy

The digital economy, spawned by the internet and the electronic technology accompanying it, is increasingly important to the UK, writes Edwin Smith

10 disruptive digital innovators

Paul Rubens reports on a new breed of digital startups that are sending shock waves through important sectors of the UK economy. Established businesses are also adapting to the changing environment by reinventing themselves for the digital age.

Drive to collaborative economy

Digital innovations, combined with super-fast broadband, can transform the UK’s public and private sectors, says Virgin Media Business