Office spaces for new ways of working

Modern office design

As the world of work evolves, so offices are becoming more representative of the diversity, technology and shifting timescales of modern working life

The rise of distributed working

distributed working environment

Individuals based at home or in remote offices, scattered anywhere in the world, are part of a rising phenomenon called distributed working

The smart office you will not want to leave

Smart office

The office of the future will be an inviting and healthy space with varied and flexible high-tech working areas which encourage creativity and collaboration

Web accessibility: Now it’s business critical

Once regarded as merely a useful add-on to a website, today accessibility is required not only by UK law, but by an increasingly vocal and demanding public. Organisations need to develop an accessibility policy and act now to avoid legal action – and to prove they value all their customers

Behavioural marketing: The people-based approach

People based approach illustration

Few businesses have a clear idea of each web visitor’s intention or historical behaviour. Such factors are essential in effectively converting them into customers, says Ryan Urban, chief executive at BounceX

Digital is fuelling the UK economy

Digital technology is now central to UK business, but investment in superfast broadband is in danger of lagging behind global competitors

Understanding big data and the cloud

Smart technology is now extracting greater meaning from more connected information sources with the potential of benefiting society and the bottom line

UK is hot target for cybercrime

Cyber security is climbing its way up the boardroom agenda as UK firms face determined attacks from organised hackers