Resolving digital tensions in the boardroom

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Committing to change isn’t the same as committing to the consequences and digital transformation can yield many

Design security in and keep the hackers out

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In an increasingly connected digital world, the opportunities for cyber crime are multiplying making security a central issue

‘The real benefit is to prove to your people that agility, creativity and data can succeed over legacy businesses’

Digital transformation – I think and hope we are beyond the “why” stage and moving into the “what” stage

Constant digital transformation is now the new norm

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The need for constant change to stay ahead in business means the term “digital transformation” may give way to “digital evolution”

Upgrading the public sector to an e-government

In times of government spending cuts, public sector bodies face an uphill climb to digitise services, but the rewards can be worth the struggle

Time to bridge the gender gap in IT

Depiction of the gender page gap

When it comes to the most senior ranks of the IT profession, it’s still very much a man’s world

Magnificent seven are UK’s IT hotshots


Meet the industry trailblazers transforming their sectors. From the British Army’s first chief information officer to cracking the role of newspapers in the digital age, here are seven pioneers redefining the job

Developing digital talent

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Securing succession in IT leadership with professionals who can take digital technology forward hinges on providing the right training and career path