What is business innovation?

To thrive in a competitive landscape, businesses must be willing to adapt and change - but what is business innovation exactly? And how straightforward is it?

Customers are in the driving seat of digital transformation

Companies striving to achieve a digital makeover must put the customer at the centre of their transformation

Launching new business opportunities on digital platforms

DHL van

The next wave of innovation is rolling in as digital platforms demonstrate how to open up new opportunities for business and a fresh approach to problem-solving

‘Take the best agile practices to suit your business’

Rainbow building with people in front

Businesses can pick and mix from the various agile methodologies to best suit their purpose

Resolving digital tensions in the boardroom

Boardroom table

Committing to change isn’t the same as committing to the consequences and digital transformation can yield many

Design security in and keep the hackers out

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In an increasingly connected digital world, the opportunities for cyber crime are multiplying making security a central issue

‘The real benefit is to prove to your people that agility, creativity and data can succeed over legacy businesses’

Digital transformation – I think and hope we are beyond the “why” stage and moving into the “what” stage