Six lifestyle factors affecting fertility

People trying for a baby often make lifestyle modifications to increase their natural fertility and treatment efficacy. And while the impact of things such as stress and obesity are well understood, there are some lesser-known factors that people may not know about

Diabetes education needs to improve, and fast

Better advice to people with diabetes could avoid serious medical complications, premature deaths and unsustainable costs to the NHS

Changing your diet is key to tackling diabetes

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Sight loss increasingly linked to obesity and poor diets

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Healthy diet is the elixir of youth

Whether they are effective or not, the appetite for supplements underlines the glaringly obvious fact that the Western diet needs a dramatic overhaul

Top 3 health tips for 2016

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Performing like a pro

What can amateur golfers learn from top professionals to improve their physical and mental fitness without spending hours in the gym, hiring a psychologist or employing a sports nutritionist? Nick Bayly finds out

Beauty from within

Beauty from within

The nutraceuticals market is on the rise as more and more people realise the benefits of an inside-out approach to skin health. Nutritionist Kim Pearson explores this growing trend