The last provocazione

Will Maurizio Cattelan’s retirement after his Guggenheim Retrospective be his ultimate satire on the art world or the end of an era? Malcolm Cossons reports

Speed, style and substance?

Are Italian cars more of a status symbol than a means of transport? Josh Sims deliberates

The long and diversifying road

Josh Sims explores the detour Italian car manufacturers are taking through brand licensing

Rise of the machines

More people are buying coffee machines for the home, creating a market dividing along lines of style and performance, convenience and connoisseurship, writes Josh Sims

Brand on the run

Thanks in large part to IKEA and the desire to modernise our homes, Scandinavian design has become so well known as to have effectively become a brand in its own right. But, asks Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor of the Swedish magazine Plaza Interior, is it a brand past its sell-by date?

Thinking anew

Scandinavian design has long been in the doldrums, dependent on its august past. But, thanks to an international perspective and a fresh playfulness, a new generation of designers is now coming to the fore, writes Nick Compton

The hammer is falling

With the first major auction of Scandinavian furniture this month, could now be a good time to start hoarding some contemporary classics of tomorrow? Nick Compton reports

Working world is sleek and stylish

Acclaimed designer Timothy Jacob Jensen explains why functionalism lies at the heart of the Scandinavian approach to design