How to choose the style for you

When choosing the perfect frames, rules are made to be broken. The occasion, hairstyle and outfit will influence what shape should be worn. But frames must ultimately be fit for purpose and face shape may determine the best match for you, as leading design director Marie Wilkinson explains

Why we love Italian architecture

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Celebrating 50 fabulous years

As the world’s biggest furniture fair turns 50, Italian designers and manufacturers are preparing for the next half-century. Nicole Swengley reports

The last provocazione

Will Maurizio Cattelan’s retirement after his Guggenheim Retrospective be his ultimate satire on the art world or the end of an era? Malcolm Cossons reports

Speed, style and substance?

Are Italian cars more of a status symbol than a means of transport? Josh Sims deliberates

The long and diversifying road

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Rise of the machines

More people are buying coffee machines for the home, creating a market dividing along lines of style and performance, convenience and connoisseurship, writes Josh Sims