Perfect way to design in a virtual world

There is a better way to develop new packaging which avoids time-consuming and costly mistakes, says Dassault Systèmes

Apps to transform business

A successful app strategy is essential for companies to thrive in business, says Tigerspike

Customer loyalty and ustwo

The rise of data as an enabler of loyalty initiatives and return on investment has been the emerging story of the past ten years, says John Sinclair, co-founder of ustwo

Innovation no longer just for techno-boffins

Louise Marston, director of innovation and economic growth at Nesta, says boffins alone can no longer drive economic growth

Design and the strategic value of experience

A 2011 American Express survey revealed that 78 per cent of consumers have not finalised a purchase because of a poor service experience. And most businesses are aware of the value of loyalty – a loyal customer is worth ten times their initial purchase

Combining business and design for strategic innovation

American Express, Burberry, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, GlaxoSmithKline, PepsiCo, Cisco, Aviva, FedEx and scores of other leading global businesses have a secret that is helping them to stay ahead of others. It’s not brilliant acquisitions. It’s not clever marketing. And it’s not a crystal ball that’s allowing chief executives to peer into the future

Assessing risks should be standard

Asset management includes managing risks and, as James Dean reports, work is in progress to better define best practice

Managing products from conception to disposal

Industry is increasingly integrating people, data, processes and business systems to benefit from product lifecycle management, writes Nick Martindale